Susan & Lewis

“Susan was a real straight shooter and a hard worker who never took herself too seriously. Have known her since our childhood Camden days.” -Sherry Wolkoff

“This club would never have happened without the vision and the commitment of Lewis Katz. How blessed he was and we are that he has had the wherewithal and the resources to get this amazing program started. And how many children have been fed and nurtured because of the tenacity and devotion of Susan Asbell? Lewis was an extraordinary businessman. Susan had a heart with more breadth and depth than any ocean on the planet. Without both of them, how many children would be on the streets today, or worse?” -Dr. Dan Gottlieb

“Susan was the heart and soul of the Club.” Hon. M. Allan Vogelson

“Susan is missed! Her legacy of service and love for our Club children, families, staff… will always be remembered and cherished. Praying for the family.” -D. Garlic

Wow! RIP Mr. Lewis Katz. Thank You For Having Such A Big Heart And Big Visions. Da Path You Made Has Helped So Many Young Ppl From Camden Go Very Far. From The Boys & Girls Club Of Camden County To Katz Academy, Thank You! -A. Branch